Software is an important feature at Lasershape as it controls almost every aspect of our business.


    Sigma MRP

    Our MRP system from US company SigmaTech handles everything from quote stage through to invoice. This sophisticated software handles hundreds of customers with over 10,000 line orders per month going through the factory.


    SigmaNest is our nesting package that continually takes ordered components and nests them as efficiently as possible with the aim of producing a reliable machine program with reduced material use. All of our systems are operating around the clock, 7 days a week.

    ByBend 7

    Our advanced folding software with integrated solidworks takes our customers 3D models and automatically unfolds them ready for profiling. Required tools are specified by the software and the blank size is adjusted accordingly. The resulting parts are accurate, consistent and will match the original 3D model that the customer requires.

    We can accept a wide variety of file formats from our customers.

    • Solidworks (.sldprt; .sldasm; .slddrw)
    • ACIS (.sat)
    • CADKEY (.prt)
    • DWG (.dwg)
    • DXF (.dxf)
    • IGES (.iges; .igs)
    • INVENTOR PART (.ipt)
    • STEP (.step; .prt)
    • STL (.stl)