Frequently Asked Questions

Please feel free to take a look through our frequently asked questions for further information regarding our services. If you require assistance, please feel free to get in touch with us and we will be more than willing to help.

    What is the thickest you can cut?

    On a laser, we are able to cut the following max thicknesses:

    • Mild Steel – 20mm
    • Armour – 10mm
    • Wear Plate – 20mm
    • Stainless Steel – 15mm
    • Aluminium – 6mm
    • Brass – 6mm
    • Copper – 5mm
    • Bronze – 5mm

    For anything thicker than this, we can cut up to 150mm thick on our waterjet machinery, which is also capable of cutting an even wider range of metals.

    What is the biggest size you can cut?

    The maximum bed size of our machinery is 4000x2000mm. It is advisable to produce a full perimeter cut so we tend to cut components up to 3980x1980mm

    What is the smallest hole you can cut in a plate?

    On our laser machines, we tend to work to a 2/3 of material thickness rule, on mild and stainless steel so, for example, we could achieve a 10mm dia hole in 15mm plate thickness. Waterjets are able to put a minimum hole size of 1/10 material thickness but this can cause some distortion to the hole.

    Can you cut brass or copper with a laser?

    Yes, utilising our Fiber Optic Machinery, we are able to process reflective metals such as copper, brass, bronze and aluminium?

    What is the thickest material thickness you can bend?

    This depends on the length of the bend and the angle required so please contact our sales team for more information. As a guide, we can bend 15mm thick mild steel at 1m long to 90degrees.

    You can cut and bend but could you also weld my components for me?

    Yes we can! Please contact our sales team to discuss your enquiry further

    What is your standard delivery?

    For laser cut flat items, we consistently achieve 3-4 working days. For additional operations, we generally add 1 day per operation so, if you require a component to be laser cut and folded, it would be 4-5 working days; if you require a laser cut, folded and countersunk part, this would be 5-6 working days. We are a flexible company and this is by no means set in stone. If you need better than the above, do not hesitate to ask.

    We need you to CE Mark your parts

    Not a problem. Lasershape are fully EN1090 compliant and can release our work to execution classes 2, 3 and even 4!

    What file formats can you accept?

    We are able to use a wide range of file formats including DXF, DWG, STEP, PDF and NC1. We can use your STEP files to 3D model your cut and folded components, utilising our internal database of tooling to develop your parts to produce the correct form first time, every time! This also gives us a very quick and efficient route to manufacture and eliminates any developmental errors. Likewise, we are also able to very quickly import NC1 files for all your structural and architectural applications. These can be imported in an automated fashion, automatically inputting part name, thickness and quantity required. This not only speeds up the quoting process but also the manufacturing time.