Agricultural Machinery

Laser and Waterjet cutting have played an integral part in the design and manufacture of agricultural machinery for many years so it made sense for us to become experts in the field.

With the latest Laser and Waterjet cutting technology at our disposal, agricultural machinery manufacturers both big and small, are an integral part of our business.

    Agricultural Machinery

    We have been working hand in hand with this industry since we were established in 1988 and are proud to be a tier 1 supplier to many of the UKs leading manufacturers of agricultural machinery. We are set up to be able to cut, form and tap / countersinking all the main materials the industry regularly requires, including wear plate.

    We appreciate this is an industry that demands every efficiency possible is realised. This is why we choose to only run the cutting methods that give our parts an excellent straight from the machine, with no need for further operations such as fettling or dressing back so that our parts can go straight in to use where they are needed.


    We manufacture a wide range of components including parts for:

    • Earth Drills
    • Augers
    • Trenchers
    • Tillage Drills
    • Sprayers
    • Harvesting Machines
    • Planting & Seeding Machines

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