Laser Cutting

Lasershape have been experts in laser cutting since 1988 - working with some of the first commercially available laser cutting machinery for customers in a huge variety of sectors. Our continued investment into laser technologies leaves us perfectly placed to support your laser cutting requirements, no matter how complex.

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  • Lasercutting
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What Materials Can We Laser Cut?

We’re able to cut a wide range of materials – some of the more common material types we cut are detailed below. However, if you have a more bespoke requirement, don’t hesitate to get in touch and we’ll see if we’re able to help.

  • Aluminium
  • Armour
  • Copper
  • Brass
  • Bronze
  • Mild Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Wear Plate

Which Industries Use Laser Cutting?

We work with a wide range of industries all over the globe, including:

  • General Engineering & Manufacturing
  • Shopfitting & Retail
  • Architectural & Structural Steelwork
  • Waste, Recycling & Mining
  • Agricultural Machinery
  • Commercial Vehicle & Automotive
  • Defence & Aerospace
  • Materials Handling

How Does Laser Cutting Work?

In simple terms, laser cutting uses a high energy infra-red laser beam to cut a wide range of materials. A focusing lens concentrates all of the energy from the laser onto a single point on the material, causing it to melt rapidly – assist gases are then used to expel the molten material. These assist gases can include oxygen, nitrogen and argon – and the most appropriate gas is typically chosen based on the type of material that is being cut.

It’s a popular choice for many businesses due to its extremely high level of accuracy, speed, and relatively low cost. It’s also hugely efficient for many cutting projects as absolute consistency can be achieved across a wide range of materials. The technology found in many of the newer machines is impressive, and means that materials like high carbon steel can be cut as easily as mild steel.

Laser Cutting With Lasershape

Lasershape have the UK’s largest fleet of fiber lasers – meaning we are able to offer over 1100 hours per week of cutting capacity to our customers. Our team of over 100 highly talented employees work 7 days per week to provide our customers with an industry leading and reliable service. At Lasershape we work globally, with many industries and types of material, and are confident that we can offer a solid partnership, whatever your requirements.

Our technology is second to none – we run a combination of more traditional CO2 laser machines in tandem with the latest technology Brightline Fiber lasers – allowing us to use the most efficient and cost effective cutting method for your components. We also operate to the very best quality standards – including ISO9001, AS9100 and EN1090.

Our fiber lasers also allow us to cut non-ferrous materials such as copper, brass and bronze, which have proved difficult to cut before this technology became available. Our machines are also some of the fastest on the market, enabling us to supply superior quality parts at competitive rates, whether for a prototype or a mass production run.

Contact us today to find out more – we look forward to speaking with you and seeing how we can help .