A light weight metal with good corrosion resistance used in many applications; from aesthetic decorative panels to aerospace components. High reflectivity issues when laser profiling have been eradicated by using the latest Fiber laser technology.

    Aluminium is a relatively soft material and, although burring is kept to a minimum, can be a by-product of using lasers on this material. We are able to remove this by using our Fladder de-burring machine. Our Laser Cutting Aluminium service uses state of the art machinery. Please see our Additional Services page for more information.

    We hold 1050, 5083 & 5251 in stock and are able to obtain most other grades very quickly.

    Min Thickness 0.9mm
    Max Thickness 6mm (we recommend waterjet for thicker)
    Cutting Area 4000x2000mm
    Cutting Tolerances Please request a copy of our Technical Standards
    (contact us if you can’t see what you need)
    1050, 5083, 5251, 6082, 5 bar tread