Our Machines

    Below are the high specification machines we use to give you the highest quality products every time.


    Co2 Laser Cutting


    Co2 lasers are the traditional method of cutting steel with a laser beam.

    Our Trumpf 5KW Co2 lasers are amongst the most advanced Co2 laser available and can process a wide variety of Mild and Stainless steels upto 20mm in thickness with a sheet size of upto 4m x 2m.

    Fiber Laser Cutting


    Fiber laser cutting is a relatively new way to cut materials using a laser beam. The advantages are numerous with a greatly reduced electrical consumption, no gas use and solid state reliability.

    As the laser is carried via fibre optic cable the machine can move quicker and cut upto 3 times faster than a Co2 machine on thinner materials (under 5mm). Fibre lasers can also cut a wider variety of material including copper and brass. Our 2 x Trumpf 3KW Fiber lasers were the first in the UK and are a high grade provider of laser cutting services.

    Brightline Fiber


    The quality of cut and speed puts it ahead of any other Laser machine on the market.

    Our Brightline is coupled with the new ‘Liftmaster’ compact automated handling system which significantly increases efficiency by unloading parts and loading a new sheet in 50 seconds. The new revolution in Laser Cutting and the first machine in the UK is our Brightline Fiber laser cutting machine from Trumpf. This 5KW machine combines the energy efficiency of a Fiber laser with the versatility of a Co2 Laser and constantly offers a high quality laser cutting service everytime.

    Dynamic Waterjet

    Flow Dynamic

    Our ultra high powered Dynamic Waterjet machine from US company ‘Flow Corporation’ using a 6,000 Bar pump to generate a water beam which is able to cut through almost any material including steel, laminates, composites & stone.

    The tilting ‘Dynamic’ head adjusts automatically to compensate for lag and draft angle giving a faster cut and a better quality edge on all materials. This advanced machine can cut sheet sizes of upto 4m x 2m and upto 200mm in thickness.

    Bystronic Xpert


    Our Swiss made Bystronic Xpert press brakes have a capacity of 320 tonnes, up to 3m in length.

    The technology on these machines focuses around quick set-up and consistent repeatability with pressure reference technology and laser angle measurement. They are have excellent energy saving and operator safety features.

    Our advanced machines are programmed off-line using 3D modelling software which proves and simulates customer parts prior to hitting the shop floor. This ensures realistic lead times are offered and late jobs are avoided due to folding complications.

    Salvagnini P2 Lean Panel Bender


    Lasershape are the proud owners of the UK’s highest specification Salvagnini P2 Lean Panel Bender.

    The P2lean compact panel bender can process a wide variety of sheet from 0.5 to 3.0mm thick, for all material types, including mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium, brass, copper, zintec and galvanised steel, working automatically and according to different manufacturing strategies: from lean manufacturing to batch, kit, or single piece part flow.

    This machine also includes a CLA negative auxiliary bending tool, which is particularly useful for downward window bends or welding tabs that require sectioned tooling. The machine also offers DPM, a special unit with suction cups that permits the manipulation foot to move aside and allow narrower profiles. Also featured is CLA SIM for automatic auxiliary bending blade composition, and P Tool, which allows various tools to be inserted under the blanking tool to perform embossing very close to the bend line without any crushing effect. Finally, a reduced consumption of 5 kW is in line with Lasershape achieving our ISO Environmental Accreditation.