Quality and Environmental Policy

Here at Lasershape quality isn't just a paper stamping exercise. We ingrain quality into every system we develop, to not only improve our efficiency and reduce our costs, but to avoid future problems for our customers.

    As with any Engineering company handling hundreds of thousands of parts per month, errors do occur but we report, recover and close out every one so that lessons are learned and corrective measures are introduced.

    Our accreditations include ISO standards such as 9001 & 9100 and we are accredited for most major Aerospace, Transport and Defence companies.

    We are also committed to producing parts with a minimal impact on the environment. We were the first company in the UK to use Fiber Laser technology which greatly reduces both electrical consumption and gas usage. We are constantly looking at ways to reduce our waste and together with our recycling partners, Ward Recycling we continue to cut our impact on the planet.